We are nature

Nothing is more true an expression of how to live a healthy life than learning from the wisdom of the earth.

Disconnection from this source pulls us out of balance with our health and well-being. When we rewild and tune into our true nature and innate wisdom, we have the opportunity to experience a vibrant and happy life.

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Jules Horner at Origins Wellbeing Cornwall
Ayurveda Lifestyle by Origins Wellbeing Cornwall

holistic health and wellbeing coaching cornwall

Hello & welcome!

If you feel you’re out of balance with your health I can help you to reconnect with your body, mind and soul through simple yet deeply powerful practices whether this is a joy filled dance class, a diet and lifestyle consultation or a group workshop. 

Finding your way to a healthier life shouldn’t be stressful, building strong foundations and taking small achievable steps of progress over a time will produce long lasting and positive results.

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Here you’ll find out where I’m going to be and who I’ve teamed up with to bring you unique opportunities and offerings to be a part of the rewild tribe!

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Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultations by Origins Wellbeing Cornwall

Diet & Lifestyle

I incorporate ayurvedic natural remedies and lifestyle, with modern plant-based, wholefood recommendations, adopting a functional approach to wellbeing.

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Rewild and tune into your inner wisdom to increase your energy, create lasting healing and connect with like-minded souls, though dance & workshops

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a poem by jules horner


I started writing about Origins wellbeing. The fact that Origins in the pure sense of the word means source, root, beginning and also connection, is why I chose it. Wellbeing, well that’s what I do, connecting people to well-being through nature and natural remedies.

The rest fell into this poem, I don’t know what happened! I just caught the tail of some big magic.

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Inspired by nature and of all things spiritual, I love to create, it is food for the soul! 

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