who is juliette?

I am a daughter, a sister, a lover, a mystic, a seeker of earth wisdom and an artist, who finds joy and wellbeing in nature and the simple things in life.

Jules Horner at Origins Wellbeing Cornwall

Inquiry into natural health and learning from the magic of nature is my life’s calling.

Feeling disillusioned and burnt out from a mainstream diet and lifestyle left me searching for a different way of living. It lead me to Cornwall and my first experience of Ayurveda.

I came across Ayurveda whilst working in the spa industry 12 years ago, it set alight a spark in me that has been part of my life ever since. Ayurveda is the science of life, a holistic health system based on ancient scientific texts called Vedas, that draw upon the wisdom of nature herself, including the seasons, circadian rhythms, the earthly elementals, and plant medicine.

Whilst on my ayurvedic journey I studied to become a diet and lifestyle consultant, I also decided to adopt a plant-based diet and trained in culinary, sports, and naturopathic nutrition. 

I left the spa industry in 2019 and took a job part-time in a wonderful little health food store to concentrate on developing my career in natural health. Alongside this, I am currently studying Herbal Medicine and a keen forager.

There are no plants known on earth that are not useful, whether they are food, medicine, or poison. I weave the magic of plants into my day to day life, and with clients through herbal remedies, nutrition, and exploration, encouraging connection with nature for natural health and wellness.

I am a fully insured and qualified plant based & Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant, chakra dancing creative meditation teacher and holistic therapist. 

I have taught holistic professionals for the last 5 years in ayurvedic practices, designed, implemented  and assessed new therapy procedures within the spa industry and helped thousands of people regain balance with natural therapies.


Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultations by Origins Wellbeing Cornwall

Diet & Lifestyle

I incorporate ayurvedic natural remedies and lifestyle, with modern plant-based, wholefood recommendations, adopting a functional approach to wellbeing.

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Moon Circle Ceremony Workshop by Origins Wellbeing Cornwall


Rewild and tune into your inner wisdom to increase your energy, create lasting healing and connect with like-minded souls, though group workshops.

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Credentials & History

If you really want to see my list of qualifications we could have a night in with a slide show and a cup of tea?  Seriously though, here are the most relevant to what I do.

VTCT body massage, anatomy, physiology & pathology L3Dip

Truro College, Cornwall.


Ayurvedic massage therapist

Tri Dosha, Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall.


Ayurveda Distance Learning cpd

Pukka Herbs, Bristol.


Ayurvedic diet & Lifestyle consultant AyurDip

Ayurveda Pura London.


Ayurveda immersion APA cpd

Dr Vasant Lad, London


Plant based culinary, sports and superfoods nutrition

PlantLab, Mathew Kenny, London.


Chakra Dancing & creative meditation teacher Dip.

Chakra Dancing Lizzie Clifford, Sussex.


Moonology Distance learning & workshop immersion Dip

abc award diploma, London.


ABC Dip in Body Healing coaching 2020


Heartwood Foundation

Foundation in Herbal Medicine

Read More Present, 2020

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